canyon ball

canyon ball is a fast arcade game, challenging your reaction skills. You control a rolling ball which must not fall down into the canyon. There are tricky side moves and gaps you have to jump over. It has a simple and minimalist design and colorful themes that you can discover. Beat others highscores and unlock all achievements.

  • Multiplicate your points
  • Increase in progress
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OSO - Bring the sounds into balance is a so-called audio game which is about localising sounds just by listening. You listen to stereo sounds and try to center them in the middle, by tapping on the left or right half of the screen. The sounds are particular selected and harmonize with each other, for creating a relaxing atmosphere. OSO can be played without looking at the display. Stereo headphones are required.

  • Bring the sounds into balance
  • Collect 10 sounds to complete a level
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ZAP Game Studios is an independent one-man indie game developer, based in Cologne, Germany. Since early 2019 I am working on new mobile games with innovative concepts and minimalist design. I have already released an interactive stereo sound game: OSO - Bring the sounds into balance and the arcade game: canyon ball.

I started developing games as a hobby a few years ago. The goal is to try me out in the gaming industry and learn something new. To create something different and reach people from all over the world.